Sujep wachstum Enterprises
black pepper spices

Sujep wachstum Enterprises is a leading company focusing on Spices , Banking and Finance and Tourism , There are three directors who are concentrating in different module to the growth of the company. They are Mr.P.Paul .M.E, M.B.A ,Mr. P.Anish ,B.C.A, and Mrs. K.Subha Msc (IT & Mgnt)

Mr.P. Paul is having very qualified experience in climate technology . Agricultural and spices industries , He Knows how to preserve all type of Agricultural and Spices product . Has over 10 years experience in supply chain management and spices industries, 8 years had been in a multi-national company,He has received many awards for his dedication and creativity in the research of Spices industires,He is a specialist in the technology of processing of all spices products

Mr.P.Anish is highly knowledge in all types of Tours and travel in south india,He is having 8 years experience in management of tourism in india, His high communication talent help our company to look forward in tourism with multinational companies. He is having a practice of collecting online leads

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